some songs (1/?)

like most insecure people, i listen to a lot of music. like, a lot. of. music. it seems that whenever anyone asks me what music i like, though, i draw a blank. who knows why. i managed to scrape together enough clarity to put together a little list. enjoy, and if you want a playlist… Continue reading some songs (1/?)

june 14, 2020

he rubbed my curb with his tires as he swung his cr-v in front of my house. i could hear his music (and him singing along with it) through the dented doors. when he got out, he was looking up and down my street like he'd seen a ghost. "there is no freakin' way!" "whaaat?"… Continue reading june 14, 2020

s i r e n s

It was the kind of night that made Tom think the sea had a mind of its own. Rallying up the stormclouds and summoning the winds to clear the way, it had battered the jagged rocks around the lighthouse for hours, foaming at the mouth, its choppy black water toothy and rabid. Now, all the… Continue reading s i r e n s